Show of Force: Social Good harnesses the power of storytelling to educate people to take action and create change. We design and execute digital campaigns that connect supporters directly to nonprofit organizations and provide measurable impact.

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What We Do

  • Develop, produce and distribute video content designed to ignite new conversations on issues of social justice that prompt people around the world to take action
  • Create social media campaigns that address the Millennial and Sustainable Development Goals and increase positive messaging that breaks down barriers around poverty, gender inequality, climate change
  • Incubate new digital campaigns that translate to real life action and impact for global NGOs
  • Build digital networks and movements to address social good issues
  • Design and implement metrics and evaluation strategies for media-based social good interventions

Show of Force: Social Good expands the mission of Half the Sky Movement, going beyond the groundbreaking work on women and girls to create innovative, content-based interventions to poverty, inequality and issues across the spectrum of the Sustainable Development Goals. Each project under the Social Good umbrella highlights scalable solutions that are transforming lives around the world in partnership with NGOs, foundations, corporate stakeholders and inspired individuals.


We develop communications campaigns using digital tools to challenge harmful norms and practices, increase knowledge and foster alternative attitudes and behaviors.

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We use rigorous measurement and evaluation to show how content moves the dial on social justice issues and builds a road to real change.

Show of Force: Social Good monitors and evaluates projects and campaigns to review the uptake of campaign language on social media, including reach and sentiment; impact on individuals and communities, including advocates and organizations working on issues addressed, and when possible the capacity and network growth for NGO partners. Show of Force: Social Good uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection to tell the story of success whatever the project.


Want to learn more about our measurement and evaluation or findings from Individual projects?
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