Show of Force’s groundbreaking Half the Sky Movement Global Engagement Initiative, launched in September 2014, is a multi-year transmedia initiative – implemented in partnership with USAID, Intel, and various other private and public sector contributors – to promote gender equality in India and Kenya.

Half the Sky Movement Global Engagement Initiative goes beyond the production and use of traditional media outlets and introduces new and innovative tools — including social impact games, short video, film, and social media — to capture and assess resulting changes in individual and community behavior and attitudes pertaining to women and girls issues.

At the community level, Show of Force is working with on-the-ground non-governmental organizations to employ documentary, educational videos, educational mobile games, and social media within community groups, engaging a target audience over sustained periods of time to discuss gender issues; all toward fostering lasting knowledge, attitudinal, and behavioral changes. These changes are captured in pre- and post-testing, as well as rigorous in-depth interviews with participants.

At the national-level, Show of Force launched campaigns that resonate in the two target countries. In India, the Frame Her Right campaign aims to re-envision how society perceives women and girls in real life, drawing on Indian cinema to highlight gender disparities. In Kenya, the Wezesha Dada Inua Jamii (Empower a Sister) campaign uses the power of storytelling through various media platforms to share insightful and inspiring stories of women and men who are bringing positive change to the lives of Kenya’s women and girls.