Show of Force is working in partnership with the World Bank on WEvolve, a global initiative to empower a generation of young women and men to challenge the societal norms that lead to gender-based violence.

News about the launch of WEvolve South Asia reached nearly 4 million people on social media through the #WEvolve hashtag. A partnership with Twitter also provided a platform to engage multiple Bollywood celebrities at the event and increase the campaign’s reach on social media. Since launch, Show of Force has created five campaign videos and multiple extras with over half a million views, thousands of positive comments and mainstream media coverage on Elle India, Huffington Post India, Hindustan Times, and NDTV.

Together, the World Bank and Show of Force have created a scalable communications model to raise awareness on gender-based violence and promote positive actions from men addressing the problem. By leveraging the power of local influencers including celebrities, Show of Force has created a media intervention that engages people on an individual level and acts as a robust mechanism to increase understanding about the need for action on this issue. This leads to further funding for the initiative and a deeper engagement and investment in NGOs successfully tackling this issue on the ground.

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