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Girls Lead: A Champion for Girls’ Empowerment

“There is a line that exists in Cameroon,” says World Pulse impact leader Nakinti Nofuru. “On one side I stand where – because of my parent’s encouragement and support –…

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Digital Innovator Using Mobile App Technology to Combat Gender-Based Violence

“What if I told you that with the push of a button on a smartphone or tablet, you can find help for a survivor of gender-based violence anywhere in the…

Courage, focus, and confidence come together when our campers practice archery

A Summer Camp Where Girls Conquer the World

Despite significant improvements to the human condition – better medicine, faster technology, and broader education – there remains a stark and persistent lag in outcomes for women and girls. In…


Solving Youth Unemployment in Ghana One Business at a Time

Youth unemployment has become one of the most serious problems confronting Ghana. Consequently, women are being pushed to engage in illegal activity such as drug trafficking and prostitution. I founded…