In December 1988, Scott Johnson, a gay American mathematician, was found dead beneath a cliff in Sydney, Australia. His death was quickly determined to be a suicide. But Steve Johnson, Scott’s older brother, had doubts and would spend the next 35 years trying to solve the mystery of Scott’s death. He could have never imagined the tinderbox he would crack open—a wave of anti-gay violence, which was systematically ignored for decades. 

Never Let Him Go, a new 4-part documentary series for Hulu, delves into Scott Johnson’s extraordinary life and mysterious death, and Steve’s dogged, multi-decade quest for justice. Each episode uses never-before-seen home video and exclusive interviews to unfold new details about Scott, his last known movements, and the investigations into his death. As Steve learns more about his brother – and his possible murder – he refuses to let go, taking his story to the media, and making enemies along the way. His persistence pays off and Scott Johnson’s case becomes internationally known, which leads to a public reckoning over Australia’s history of brutal and ingrained homophobia. Then, nearly 35 years after Scott’s death, there is an astonishing turn of events: police get a tip that leads them to Scott White, who confesses to Scott Johnson’s murder. But questions still swirl around this case, and dozens of other deaths of gay men remain unsolved. Today, Steve must decide if he is ready to let his brother’s case rest, or if there is still more work to be done.

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