Winner 2023 News & Documentary Emmys | Outstanding Historical Documentary

On November 4, 1979, hundreds of Iranian student activists stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, taking over 60 Americans hostage. What was planned as a 48-hour sit-in to protest imperialism, soon ballooned into an international crisis, a 24-7 media event, and a nightmare that would extend 444 days. It’s an epic drama that affected countless lives in both countries, took down an American president, and had resounding political consequences for decades to come. But how and why this episode came to pass is still shrouded in mystery. How did the US and Iran go from close allies to mortal enemies? Why did our fates align in such a way in 1979? And why are the US and Iran still locked together in this dysfunctional dance?

HOSTAGES is a 4-part documentary that recounts this hair-raising turn of events and explores the deeper roots of the crisis through fresh interviews with those who lived the history, including the American hostages and the Iranian hostage-takers, and never-before-seen archival footage.

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